Kennel Name Application

Product Description

The Kennel Name team conduct stringent checks to ensure your requested word is not too popular, too similar phonetically or too close to an existing Kennel Name, a procedure that the team now aims to complete within 14 DAYS. When these checks are complete a provisional Kennel Name is granted and the word is then published in the next edition of the Kennel Gazette for final approval. For annual maintenance, click here.

Please complete the form below to make an application for the registration of a Kennel Name. If you have any queries please contact the Kennel Name department on 01296 318540.

Annual Maintenance

Please note that maintenance of this Kennel Name will be due for payment annually on the date the Kennel Name has been granted. We recommend that you pay for the future annual maintenance payments by Direct Debit, this method will also help to ensure that your Kennel Name does not lapse and also gives you a £2.00 saving off the normal annual maintenance fee (£18.00 by Direct Debit). If you wish to pay by direct debit, please download the direct debit form from the Kennel Name section and return to the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club will notify you four weeks before the annual maintenance payment is due. Payment of £20.00 can be made through the Online Shop. If payment is not received within one week of the due date a second reminder letter will be sent advising that unless payment is received within 21 days the Kennel Name will be lapsed. (see guidance notes 7)


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