FCI Judges Seminar 2018 hosted by Wilf Claes

Product Description

The Kennel Club is offering a unique opportunity to attend an FCI agility judges seminar in November 2018.
The seminar will cover, amongst other things, advice on officiating at FCI agility competitions, FCI Agility Equipment and an overview of the new 2018 FCI Agility Regulations and Judges Guidelines. The seminar will be led by Wilf Claes, Vice President of the Agility commission. Wilf is one of Europe’s most experienced and well-known judges and judges trainer with a wealth of experience in judging all the world’s major events.

Location: Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh

Time: 9.00-17.00

Ticket Cost: Ticket prices are £60 per person until 5th March (25% off), and £80 after this date.