YKC & SKC Activity Weekend Camp in Perth 2019

Product Description

YKC & SKC weekend camp
Errol Airfield, Bridgend of Carse, Errol, Perth
Friday 19th July 2019 to Sunday 21st July 2019

The YKC and SKC are holding a weekend camp, open to all members aged 6-24 years. There will be a range of activities on offer:

• Handling
• Agility
• Obedience
• Flyball

All attending members will be grouped accordingly to ensure they get the most value out of the weekend.

In addition to dog training, there will also be social activities during the day and evening.

Camping is included in this price.

Email us
Please supply the names and ages of accompanying adults and children who will also be onsite (Only those listed will be allowed onsite unless authorised by the organisers) Please email this information to ykc@thekennelclub.org.uk once you have booked a place.

Upon entering a YKC class you are agreeing to the Kennel Club Declaration

Please be advised that Young Kennel Club members may be photographed or filmed at events, either individually or in a group and that these images may be used for Kennel Club purposes only. To opt out of any images of yourself or your child being used from Young Kennel Club activities or events you can email us ykc@thekennelclub.org.uk