Educational Trust Donation

Product Description
  • Since 2007, the Educational Trust has dedicated itself to looking after the education and training of all those connected with dogs.
  • The Trust is funded by donations which is why every pound counts, every pound we receive goes to help these organisations.

The Kennel Club Educational Trust has 4 objectives:

  1. To promote dog education in the wider community including young people, schools and voluntary organisations.
  2. To support educational and voluntary institutions through the awarding of grants.
  3. To manage Kennel Club venues at which education, training and dog related activities are centered.
  4. To ensure that best value and impact is achieved through the money spent on behalf of the Kennel Club.

Donate now and help make a difference.

Note: you can also donate to the Bark and Read Foundation, which supports projects that improve child literacy with the help of dogs.


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